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About Natural Curiosity 

Natural Curiosity was born from a belief I have that we can do just about anything if we band together. We can create a beautiful life full of love, joy, prosperity and great health! By joining this community I believe that we all improve. THE POWER of the PEOPLE! 

I asked a friend of mine (Lady Lou) to join with me every weekday to produce a Live Streamed show that airs on Facebook, YouTube and then uploaded to all the popular Podcast platforms.

  • One show is called Daily Reset 4 Success

  • Another show is called Wisdom Chats 4 the Curious

I also created a Business Mastermind which meets on Zoom every week. We meet on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm. We not only help each other on what ever we are working on I also train on business software like... Zoom, Streaming software, YouTube, Podcasting, email, blogging, creating graphics and much more.

You can always join this cool community anyway that feels right to you. I am happy to help and support anyone who asks :)

See you soon!

Marian LaSalle


About Marian

As a passionate collaborator and a firm believer in non-traditional approaches to business development, Marian creates innovative solutions that engage and empower people. She is committed to shining the spotlight on what’s good and working in the world.

Marian is a results-driven business mentor, trainer and partner in creating a BUZZ for your business. As the co-founder of a Houston based company Painted Path Designs and creator of Natural Curiosity community Marian stays busy helping entrepreneurs and small business owners stay current with new technology. Marian loves helping people use technology to make life and business easier. Marian’s friends and business associates know that she loves building, sharing and promoting the good stuff.

Experience and Specialties:
Live Streaming Audio and Video
Digital Marketing
Business Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting
Marketing and Promotions Strategy
Effective Digital and Social Online and Offline Marketing
Business Development
Speaking and Training
Relationship Marketing
Reputation Marketing

Internet & Affiliate Marketing Trainer
Technology Trainer and Speaker

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