Benefits of Creating a Live Show

Wider audience potential

Ease and convenience for your customers and community to tune in

Allows for mobile viewing

Personal connection with potential customers

Low investment

Easy way to HIGHLIGHT your sponsors and guests

Access to your audio file for podcasts

There are many more benefits for having your own show.


Your Live Stream show allows you to share your message to many channels all at one time. You are now able to connect with your audience in a very unique way. We use the power of the internet to stream your show out to people who need to see it AND hear it using video and audio. Your show will be broadcast live on your YouTube channel, your Facebook Page or Group and many podcast platforms.

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Senior Solutions
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Live with Vickie
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Using Your Talents
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Live with Vickie
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Shared Show Details

Share the cost, promotions and the fun! Share with 2, 3 or 4 business owners

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It gives me great pleasure to bring you a fun way to share your talents, opinions and offerings to the people and businesses who want it and/or need it. A ‘live’ video Show is a perfect addition to your marketing plan to expand your business.


I offer 3 channel ‘Live’ Streaming Shows (LinkedIn, Facebook & YouTube), and the audio podcast of your Show on up to 8 of the popular platforms. 


The 30-minute Show will air weekly on Tuesdays at a specific time slot (you choose it - between 8 am and 6:00 pm CT, if available). There will be 4 different business owners coming together, in non-competitive but complementary fields, to form a ‘health and wellness genre.’ Each person will have a week that is designated as ‘their week’ every month (i.e. second Tuesday of the month). The group will support the person who is on that week by asking questions and commenting, plus each will share the episodes on their own Social Media platforms at least several times each week. If a month has 5 Tuesdays in it, this Show will be a ‘panel’ discussion featuring all 4 people. In 2021 there are 4 months with 5 Tuesdays - March, June, August, and November. 


You can air your Show on the ‘Natural Curiosity’ channels (YouTube, Facebook Group & LinkedIn), or I can set up your own channels on YouTube, Facebook and Anchor (podcasts). You, as a group, will decide the name of your Show, the look and feel (branding), logo and time slot. I handle making the thumbnails (art) for each Show, or you can have a designer create them.


You will choose who you want in your group. I will pull together a qualified selection of people who are interested in doing this type of Show. If you know of others who would be interested, please invite them to one of our introductory Zoom meetings. I will schedule several in December and/or early January. Do share the link for this letter with them and let me know who they are, please. 


With 4 people in this group, someone in your group will be in charge of gathering the information for the Show Description. Each person writes their own weekly Show Title, Description and Contact info that is published, plus the #hashtags for each Show. 


Everyone will have their Contact Info published each week (i.e. Name, phone number & website). I will need all the Show information at least 1 week prior to the Show. You will also designate one person in your group to be responsible for collecting the funds and sending it to Becky Earle, my business financial officer. 


Each month, the Shows will be prepaid. The investment is $450.00 for the production (artwork, channel management, technology to air the Shows, etc.), plus $250.00 for Social Media ads. For a total of $700.00 - divided by 4 = $175.00 per month, per person. There is a one-time set up fee of $350.00, divided by 4 = $87.50.


Everyone in the group will make a COMMITMENT to pay for, prepare, and participate for 6 months. After six months the group will make the decision to continue, drop out, or re-group. The first Show could start as soon as early to mid- January.


I look forward to working with you and sharing your information to help you grow your business. Videos are the ‘wave’ of the future.