Example of
Show Art


  • 30 minute weekly show (pre and post show)

  • Broadcast to 2 Live Stream Platforms

  • Broadcast up to 8 Podcast channels

  • Show Moderator

  • Audience Participation Moderating

  • New Art for Show Each Week

Monthly Cost for Classic Production $450.00
One Time Set Up Fee for Classic Production $350.00
  • Basic Package Plus

  • Weekly Guest - Set Up

  • Video Transcription

  • Intro Video

  • Up to 4 Live Stream Platforms

  • 1 - 15 Second Commercial

Monthly Cost for Premium Production $675.00
One Time Set Up Fee for Premium Production $450.00
  • Custom Mugs

  • Custom T-Shirt

  • Consulting

  • Guests

  • Paid Ads $

  • Create Logo

  • Voice Over

  • 15 second Commercial

  • Patreon Page Set up

Any Questions, Feel Free to Contact us 

If you're the type of business that loves to work with and collaborate with complimentary businesses, then you will love our newest offering 


Share the cost and partner with like minded business owners who will help you with promotions, show excitement and motivation. We will brainstorm with you for the non-competitive/complimentary partners. Share with 1, 2, or 3 others.

Pick either the Classic or Premium Package and Let's Go!

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